PRO.T.E.A.S Concept
Fellow Team Members: T.Karydis, C.Triantafyllou

PRO.T.E.AS can be used by doctors, patients and microbiological labs. It is a software for computers and smartphones which deals with the interactions of all three and takes advantage of the cloud technology.

Patients submit their I.N.R(prothrombin time) results after having a blood test, the current dosage as well as details of their data(height, weight, age e.t.c).All these can be submitted either by their smartphone/computer or via phone call instructions(for 60+ ages).PRO.T.E.AS makes it possible to create statistics for each patient and detailed historical charts.At the same time patient can see detail of foods and other substances that affect the INR index and create a procedure where according to patterns that are submitted, the doctor will better evaluate patient’s condition.

Moreover, the patient is getting reminders for taking anticoagulants, may use a GPS MAP in order to track microbiological labs and finally, PRO.T.E.AS can analyse what is the quantity of anticoagulants that have left, combining the data of dosage history and the purchase of new quantities.

In the future, PRO.T.E.AS is going to have the ability through-machine learning-to even “guess” the change of dosage considering a new blood test and patient’s data history. On the other hand, doctors may have a detailed list of their patients, who take anticoagulant medication. Whenever a patient submits a new I.N.R index, PRO.T.E.AS alerts the doctor. The doctor checks the relevant patient’s history and decide the new dosage of anticoagulant, and informs him about the date of the next blood test.

All these give the ability to the doctor to have detailed data for each patients’ history, information about their habits and generally anything that can lead to a better diagnosis.



Athens Startup Weekend University Final Presentation