Project Title: SlalomPenguin-VR: A Game Interface for Locomotion in VR Environments
Academic Year: 2015-2016
Advisors: Anthony Steed, David Swapp
Grade: –/10
Programming Languages: C#
Libraries/APIs: MiddleVR, Unity3D


A motion interface which requires self-propulsion from the user is known as a locomotion interface and is the means by which a user travels through a virtual environment (VE). In this project , a locomotion technique from literature called: “PenguFly” was selected, implemented and further improved adding the feature of rotation of the view based on where user looks at. The effectiveness of our locomotion interface is demonstrated through an immersive environment of the well known alpine-skiing sport, that was constructed for this purpose, from scratch, using the Unity3D game engine. The evaluation results indicate that the technique is easy-to-use and enjoyable.