Graduate Programmer at Studio Gobo

I am a Game Programmer at Electric Square interested in exploring novel 3D user interfaces and virtual interaction techniques, particularly those that exploit the unique capabilities of Augmented and Virtual Reality. I graduated with Distinction from University College London(UCL) with an MSc in Computer Graphics, Vision & Imaging and hold a Diploma in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece. I previously interned as a Researcher at the Technical University of Munich and at the Institute of Communications & Computer Systems (NTUA) developing AR & VR experiences. 

I have received several awards for organising technical events and demonstrating outstanding involvement as an IEEE volunteer, including a 2014 Richard E.Merwin Student Scholarship, a 2012 Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award and a 2012 Outstanding Chapter Award. I was the Head Organiser of the 1st Games Exhibition in Greece (Games Expo 2012), in an effort to bring together students and gaming companies, which was awarded with the 2013 Gold Darrel Chong Student Activity Award by IEEE.

University College London (UCL)
MSc in Computer Graphics, Vision & Imaging

GPA: Distinction (75.4%) ■ Diploma Thesis: "Virtual Reality for the Study of Moral Dilemmas involving Driverless Cars", Advisor: Prof. Mel Slater Related Coursework: Virtual Environments, Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Machine Vision, Acquisition and Processing of 3D Geometry

University of Patras, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Diploma of Engineering (300 ECTS units)

Major: Electronics & ComputersGPA: Overall: 7,85/10(Expected) ; GPA in Major: 8,55/10 ■ Diploma Thesis: "Dynamic Simulation of Virtual Objects for Augmented Reality Applications. Development of an Augmented Reality Chess", Advisor:Assistant Prof. K. Moustakas   Related Coursework: Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality, Computational Geometry & 3D Modeling, Pattern Recognition, Human-Machine Interaction & Design of Interactive Systems, Digital Image Processing, Analysis & Design of Software Systems, Object Oriented Technology   Independent: The Complete Git course(Udemy), C++ Short & Sweet(Udemy,University of Colorado Boulder), OpenCV Computer Vision Application Programming(Udemy)

Electric Square
09/2017 - 05/ 2018

Studio Gobo Brighton rebranded as Electric Square!

  • Experience working with Art to create UI Screens with consistent visual style according to guidelines.
  • Experience working with Design to implement features such as reward systems that drive engagement .
Studio Gobo
09/2016 - 08/2017
Graduate Programmer
  • Prototyped in-game player messaging features and implemented metagame systems for an unannounced project (based on a globally-recognised IP).
  • Implemented a UI screen-flow system in Unreal Engine from scratch, allowing non-coders to easily manipulate screens.
  • Built a Unity Editor tool that simulates a production control room to facilitate the debugging of the complex camera system using C#.
  • Experience in Unity3D(C#), Unreal Engine (C++, Visual Scripting), Project Documentation, Perforce, Prototyping, writing tests / test-driven development .
Fachgebiet Augmented Reality (FAR) Research Group - TUM
Research Intern
  • Implemented a pinch gesture detection algorithm, employing users’ thumb and forefinger relative position to allow interaction with the virtual content displayed.
  • Developed a Mixed Reality Chess, making it possible for the users, to manipulate virtual chess pieces in front of a real table and play against a chess engine.
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS-NTUA)
Engineering Intern
  • Developed an Augmented Reality Game using kinect, which recognizes player’s skeleton and turns him into his favorite Marvel’s Avenger.
  • Experience in C#,Kinect SDK, Unity3D.
  • SlalomPenguin-VR: A Game interface for Locomotion in VR Environments (2016)Reverse-engineered an intuitive game interface for locomotion in VR environments and built an alpine-skiing immersive environment simulation for a C.A.V.E to demonstrate its effectiveness. Unity3D, C#
  • Isotropic Remeshing of Surfaces Based on Parameterisation (2016)Implemented isotropic remeshing algorithms that improve the quality of a given 3D mesh in terms of vertex sampling, regularity and triangle quality C/C++, CGAL, Boost, Eigen.
  • Light Source Estimation using Kinect for Augmented Reality Applications (2014) Developed algorithms to estimate the position of a Point Light Source in a scene using Kinect. C+, PCL, OpenGL
  • Don Quixote’s Saga (2014) Developed a 2D Videogame which won People’s Choice award out of 15 teams in Athens & Patras during Global Game Jam 2014. Javascript, HTML, EnchantJS
  • Computational Geometry (2013) Implemented algorithms of 2D & 3D Convex Hulls, Distance Maps and Sphere-Polyhedron Collision Detection. C/C++,
Volunteer Experience
IEEE Computer Society (Region 8)
Student Ambassador
  • Served as a liaison between the IEEE Computer Society Member and Geographic Activities Board and student members in my Region
IEEE Student Branch-University of Patras
  • Head Organizer of the Hellenic Student Branch Congress 2012 (National Meeting of IEEE Student Branches)-1st nationwide collaborative effort by IEEE student members in Greece
  • Recipient of the IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award 2012 (EMEA), given annually to IEEE Student Branches for the public recognition of their operations.
  • Increased the number of Active Members by 150,6% (From 85 to 212)
  • Increased the number of technical activities by 600% (From 3 per year to 21 per year)
IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter-University of Patras
  • Recipient of the Richard E. Merwin Student Scholarship 2014, given by IEEE Computer Society to recognize and reward active student volunteer leaders in student chapters who show promise in their academic and professional efforts.
  • Recipient of the Computer Society Outstanding Chapter Award 2012 (International Award) ,given annually to the chapter providing the best overall set of activities for computing/IT students
  • Led a team of 23 students for the organization of the 1st Games Expo in Greece,winning the Gold Darrel Chong Student Activity Award given annually by IEEE to acknowledge exemplary student activities around the world
  • Corallia Innovation Program Scholarship: Selected by Hellenic Student Association of Stanford and funded by Corallia for a 10-day Educational Trip at Stanford University ("Educational Trip US" - 9th - 17th May 2011)
  • Ranked 124th out of 1900 teams and 4000 students in the IEEEXtreme 6.0 (24hr-International Programming Competition-October 2012)
  • 6th Place among 6500 students from 32 countries on analytical and economic skills in Case Study after winning in Local and Panhellenic rounds (European BEST Engineering Competition-Riga,Latvia 2014)
  • Winner of Meta Company’s Augmented Reality App Ideas Competition (TechCrunch Disrupt 2014)
  • Grand Prize Winner among 112 Unity projects in the Polycount-Unity Connect Contest.
  • People’s Choice Award/15 Greek games that participated in the Global Game Jam 2014


  • Michigan Certificate of Proficiency(C2)
  • IELTS - Overall: 8.0/9.0 (R: 9.0,L: 9.0,W: 6.5,S: 7.5)


  • Goethe Institut-Zertifikat Deutsch(B1)
Konstantinos Moustakas
Assistant Professor
Head of the Visualization and VR Research Group
Wire Communications Laboratory
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. University of Patras
26504 Rio - Patras, Greece
Tel: +30 2610-969809,
Fax: +30 (2610) 991 855
Email: moustakas[@]
Grudrun Klinker
Head of FAR (Fachgebiet Augmented Reality) Group
Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures
& Augmented Reality
Department of Informatics
Technical University of Munich
Boltzmannstraße 3, D-85748
Garching b. München, Germany
Tel: +49 (89) 289-18215
Email: klinker[@]

Tim Chapman
Technical Director
Electric Square
1 Gloucester Place,
BN1 4AA, Brighton, UK
Email: tim.chapman[@]

Mel Slater
ICREA Research Professor
Virtual Environments & Computer Graphics
Department of Computer Science
University College London
WC1E 6BT London, UK
Tel:+44(0)20 7679 3709
Email: m.slater[@]



Unreal Engine

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