Project Title: Dynamic Simulation of Virtual Objects for Augmented Reality Applications. Development of an Augmented Reality Chess.
Academic Year: 2014-2015
Advisor: K.Moustakas ,
TUM Supervisors: Yuta Itoh, Gudrun Klinker
Grade: 10/10
Programming Language: C/C++
Libraries/APIs: OpenGL, OpenCV, Intel RealSense, ArUco, Qt, GLM


In order to produce realistic mixed reality simulations and enhance immersion in augmented reality systems, solutions must not only present a realistic visual rendering of the virtual objects, but also allow natural hand interactions. The main goal of this Thesis is to utilize and introduce advanced techniques for the superimposition and manipulation of virtual objects over the view of the real world for mixed reality simulations. In this work, a modern RGB-Depth sensor was used and a pinch gesture detection algorithm was implemented, employing user’s thumb and forefinger to interact with the virtual content. Ultimately, a Mixed Reality Chess was developed, focused on providing an immersive experience to users, so that they are able to manipulate virtual chess pieces in front of a real table and play against a chess engine.

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