Farsight is a suite of tools for use in Unreal Engine providing a range of useful virtual production capabilities to teams within Framestore. Current features include VR scouting, virtual camera operation and video output.

Worked directly with creatives to implement networked VR Scouting Tools for Framestore’s Virtual Production Platform and give filmmakers new ways to navigate/interact with the virtual world in VR, leveraging Unreal Engine.


  • Learning how Concert plugin works for multi-user sessions and how to properly transact properties across multiple users.
  • Understading the VR Editor plugin code base.
  • Dealing with circular dependencies between modules when developing a plugin for Unreal Engine.


  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Visual Studio
  • Perforce


  • C++
  • Blueprints

Project Details

Say you are making a live action film with characters. Traditionally what you would need is a camera, actors, and a location. With virtual production, the camera, actors, and location may instead be completely synthetic but the result, thanks to many recent technological developments, can still largely follow the ‘rules’ of live-action filmmaking.

Framestore aims to produce an integrated Virtual Production toolset built around Unreal Engine that provides for the needs of filmmakers from scouting, virtual set-design and lighting all the way through pre-production to shoot and on into post-production. aiding close collaboration and creative decision making in the filmmaking process.